Hong Kong MTR

Cosmopolitan cities have efficient metro trains, and Hong Kong has one fine excellent MTR. It makes travel from point A to B efficient and easy. All you need is an Octopus card, a post-paid card which you can purchase almost anywhere in Hong Kong, and is reloadable also anywhere, including 7-11 convenient stores.

This is how the railway stations in Hong Kong are. Most of them are underground, with maybe the exception of the line going to the airport.


It’s a little complicated for someone who is going there for the first time. But you will get the hang of it, it is so easy to understand. When I was there, the place where I stay overnight is just above the Jordan station, the blue line in the picture. That is along the Nathan Road.


Commuters don’t line up to buy tickets anymore because the cards can be bought anywhere, and not just in the stations. That is something our local MRT here in Manila is planning to replicate. I must say, that is long overdue already. It speeds up the process and eliminates choking points especially in the entry to the train.

Their trains are efficient, and arrives/leaves by the minute.


Foods are not allowed inside the terminals, and they are fined heavily. That is why its very clean.


Most people in Hong Kong use the MTR that is why their roads upstairs are only used by buses and private cars. There is not much traffic in the roads because most passengers are downstairs, in the subway. Look.


The traffic on the road daytime and night time are just the same. The feeling of rush hour is below, in the MTR!


I hope that our own MRT in Manila will be as useful to daily commuters like the way it is helpful for people in Hong Kong. But I guess we have to get rid of security guards whisking your bags upon entering the stations. They don’t have that in Hong Kong.

If only people in Manila follow the rules, and the do’s and don’ts of riding the MRT. Someday.



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