How Globe Telecom is prolonging my agony for an HTC One


On the third Monday of June 2013, I called the sales hotline of Globe Telecom to ask if the HTC One (the flagship smartphone of HTC, pictured above) is available for postpaid, because I got confusing statements from their stores in malls (Shangrila and Megamall are clueless of this new unit, while SM Aura has display unit). But since I don’t frequent SM Aura (I live in Mandaluyong), I decided to call their sales hotline instead.

The customer service rep said that it is available, and they are entertaining applications. So, to cut the story short, I did apply for Plan 1799 for a silver HTC One. After I submitted the necessary requirements, I was informed that my application has been approved. But the bad news is, the unit is currently out of stock. 😦

After three days, I got a call from Globe asking me if I want to switch unit. I said no, I really want HTC One. When I ask her if she knows when it will be available, she cannot tell a definitely date.

It has been two weeks.

But I know from online social sites and HTC stores itself that HTC One is out of stock. Maybe there really is great demand for a limited supply of a unit. If that’s the case, then, HTC should look into its inventory allotment to the Philippines.

It is an amazing phone, and honestly, way better than Samsung S4. But problems like this keeps this promising phone sidelined, which is bad for its fans (like me).

Hoping against hope that tomorrow, somebody from Globe will call me that it is now available, and would just ask me where to deliver the unit—home or office? I want to keep this hope dear in my heart, because I know that the universe conspire to make this happen.



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