“Purok 7” is nostalgic.


When I first saw the trailer, I know right away that I will like it. True enough, when I saw it last weekend in Greenbelt during the Cinemalaya 2013 week, I immediately fall in love from the first five seconds into the film, when they are showing the different summer games played in the province like palo sebo. This is very close to home. It reminds me of my childhood days. 🙂


The story revolves around two siblings, Diana and Julian, living alone in a small hut outside a ricefield in a small district (purok) in Tarlac. It follows the experiences of Diana, as she experience to fall in love for the first time.

The most funny, and memorable scene in the movie is when Julian discovered a blood spot on his sister’s lower garment (read: first menstruation). They are about to go in the barangay plaza then to see the dance number of her crush.

They eventually catch the number, but failed to hear the speech prior to the dance number where her crush dedicates the number to her.

Set against the backdrop of family displacement due to Filipino diaspora, Purok 7 is a simple film with an affectionate longing for the audience to embrace even after they left the cinema.

Me, it’s nostalgic. Some of the funny things the two kids did in the film, I also did when I was a kid in the province. 🙂



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