Sunday Habit

Two of my office mates has joined me in running, and we started doing outdoor Sunday runs for the last three weeks now.

We started running in the academic oval of University of the Philippines Diliman campus. We run for 5 loops within the oval. Here are some of our photos.




These two friends are Jayson and Marlan. The former already runs, so it is okay for him to run five loops in the oval. Marlan, on the other hand, did it for the first time but enjoyed the whole five loops. But we did not told him that he should have run 3 loops only as a beginner. The following day, his legs hurt. And he walks like he had just been circumcised. 🙂

The following week, we did a night run, instead. The three of us decided to run in Bonifacio Global City. We started around 7pm, and run for an hour within the new business district. It was also good to run there at night because the whole place is vibrant.

This Sunday, our third week, we decided to run from Mandaluyong (where we are all based) to Rizal Park in Manila. It is roughly 11km. These are our pictures after the run.




I don’t know where our running shoes will get us in our next Sunday habit. Watch out!



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