A date with the Pet Shop Boys


When news came out few months back that the Pet Shop Boys is coming to Manila, damn, no brainer, I have to buy tickets. With all the pre-occupation at work, I haven’t notice that the concert date is coming soon. So I have to remind a friend that I’ll see her on the venue itself, 7PM, because the concert will start at 8PM.

Araneta Coliseum made some renovations which looks nice. From the entrace, the floor tiles to the white-painted ceilings, and the comfort rooms, the changes were a welcome sight. I have never been to Araneta since December last year when I watch Sting in concert, and the place then is not as good as today. Maybe they renovate it because SM Arena opened this year, and they smell competition from a new venue.

I was introduced to Pet Shop Boys while I was in college because most of my boardmates then are into ’80s music. I appreciate West End Girls, Go West, What Have I Done To Deserve This, It’s A Sin, and You Were Always On My Mind. They were kinda old then, so I don’t expect that they have that much energy now when they are in their 50s, I guess.




But I was wrong! This is one of the few concerts I saw where the production numbers are well-thought, colorful (psychedelic), and pompous. The lights and the video walls are very useful to every songs, and boy, did I tell you that there are also several costume changes?

Source: Manila Concert Scene Facebook Page






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