Why my reading backlogs are piling up.

I read one book per week. Okay, that’s a little slow versus hardcore readers out there. But for someone who has a work daily from Monday to Saturday, and who only finds the time to read in between meals and at night, one book a week is somewhat acceptable.

But the past 3 weeks, I have been shutting my eyes from browsing through pages of pulp fiction. The culprit? TV series. I know, lame. How can a reader prefer the boob-tube over books!

TV series, at least in the UK and US, has been very nice for the past several years. They are like mini-movies in terms of cinematography and production design. I don’t watch local Pinoy telenovelas.

Aside from my usual staples of TV series that I enjoy for several seasons like Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Killing, Homeland, The Good Wife, and Dexter there are also newly released TV shows that looks promising.

My evenings are spent on these new shows. You may also like them.

1. Orphan Black (BBC America). This is a Canadian production, and the first season (with 10 episodes) was pick by BBC America for US audience. It tells the cautionary tale of cloning humans in the modern world. It’s fast-paced, gripping and the lead star, Tatiana Maslany, is a believable character doing different roles.


2. The Bridge (AMC). After Breaking Bad ended, I was kinda looking for a TV series with the same setting—desert, drug cartel, and the like. I think that I find that association in The Bridge, the US version of a Swede tv series (UK/French has its own version titled The Tunnel). It is about a killer within the El Paso (Texas) and Juarez (Mexico) border. The first season has just ended, and I suggest you watch it.


I am currently watching Under The Dome (CBS), but these two new series are far more superior in terms of storyline. I don’t know if I will go back to reading after I finish this, but two series are lining up! The Fall and Top of the Lake.

Well, I guess I have to balance the two. Reading and watching TV series can co-exist in my busy schedule.



The best films of the year are starting to be release.

It’s fall season in countries with four seasons. And in Hollywood, fall season also means award-worthy films are started to be release in time for attention from award giving bodies at the end of the year—Golden Globes, Academy Awards, AFI, BAFTA, etc.

In Manila, we have been noticing good films for the past one month starting with The Butler (Lee Daniels), Rush (Ron Howard), Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve), and Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron).




This week, another foreign language entry of UK is being release in the Philippines. It is directed by a Briton, Sean Ellis, acted by Filipino actors, set in the Philippines. “Metro Manila” opens in cinemas this week, and I hope that you all catch it.

Next week, another award worthy film is about to be shown—Captain Philipps (Paul Greengrass). It stars Tom Hanks, whose acting is being touted as a contender for Lead Actor nomination.


In the US, critics are raving about the new movie from David O. Russell “American Hustle.” All its lead and supporting actors are being projected to be nominated again come awards season.


From the films I have seen, Gravity and Rush are so far my top of mind as award worthy.