The best films of the year are starting to be release.

It’s fall season in countries with four seasons. And in Hollywood, fall season also means award-worthy films are started to be release in time for attention from award giving bodies at the end of the year—Golden Globes, Academy Awards, AFI, BAFTA, etc.

In Manila, we have been noticing good films for the past one month starting with The Butler (Lee Daniels), Rush (Ron Howard), Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve), and Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron).




This week, another foreign language entry of UK is being release in the Philippines. It is directed by a Briton, Sean Ellis, acted by Filipino actors, set in the Philippines. “Metro Manila” opens in cinemas this week, and I hope that you all catch it.

Next week, another award worthy film is about to be shown—Captain Philipps (Paul Greengrass). It stars Tom Hanks, whose acting is being touted as a contender for Lead Actor nomination.


In the US, critics are raving about the new movie from David O. Russell “American Hustle.” All its lead and supporting actors are being projected to be nominated again come awards season.


From the films I have seen, Gravity and Rush are so far my top of mind as award worthy.


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