Will The Real Romeo Please Stand Up?


1. He is non-conformist.

2. He is a corporate slave.

3. He is a pleasure-seeker. Euphemism for bastos.

4. He is a proud Pinoy.

5. He will die if he cannot read everyday. He needs to have a book, newspaper, newsmag, or Rogue by his side.

6. He is an Iskolar ng Bayan. His student number is 98-68909.

7. He is Aries, ergo, the superiority complex.

8. He encourage everyone to read, starting with his subordinates in the office.

9. He seldom talks; but when he do, expect sensory overload.

10. He likes reading body language.


1 Comment

  1. Hi Romeo,

    I’m Vincent Isles, moderator of the Education in the Philippines Forum, http://eduphil.org/

    From a recent post of yours on your blog, I presumed that you are in some way concerned about the state of our Philippine educational system.

    We at EduPhil.org discuss such things in the forum. I hope that you can join us.


    Vincent Isles
    Moderator, Education in the Philippines Forum

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