Patrick Melrose series


Before I go to Hong Kong three weeks ago, I was already looking forward to buying the 5 books in the Patrick Melrose series (Never Mind, Bad News, Some Hope, Mother’s Milk and At Last). I already imaging myself picking it up at a branch of Page One. But they are out of stock, at least, not complete. So I went home frustrated.

But when I inquired in National Bookstore last week, I was told by their customer service staff in Rockwell that it is available in their database, but they still have to request for transfer from other branch. So I told her to give me a call when the book is now available for pick up.

Last night, I already got the book. It was a compilation of the book 1-4 in the series, while the book 5 which was published last year, is still a separate book.

Patrick Melrose will keep me company this summer. I am excited. Will tell you all about it.



Hooray for bookworms this 2013


There are two books that I am highly anticipating this year: Khaled Hosseini’s “And The Mountains Echoed” and Dan Brown’s “Inferno.”

Both books will be published on May 2013. Hooray for bookworms!


Best Books of 2012

Amazon has already listed their best books for 2012, as compiled by their editors. From the looks of it, I think that I have read only one from the Top 10, Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.” Which means, I need to catch up.

Anyway, I have been checking local bookstores in Manila if they have copies of these books but it seems that it has not arrived yet in our shores. Too bad. I might need to make a special order then. Or ask a friend to buy one for me abroad especially those coming home for the holidays.

These are the books I need to acquire:


No Easy Day

Last Wednesday night, I got a text message from Geo of Fully Booked Rockwell, informing me that my pre-order title “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen is now ready for pick up. Yehey!

I have been excited to read this book since Sep 04, when it was published in the US amidst the controversy it generated due to the topic it delves into. The book is about a Navy Seal’s experience during the capture and eventual killing of Osama bin Laden last year in Pakistan.

I finished reading the book in three days because it is just 300 pages. Very gripping. It is the number 1 book at Amazon bestsellers list today.

When I pick up my copy at the bookstore, the staff told me that they only have 7 copies and that all are reserved. No extra copy for the shelf. Lucky me, I am one of the first in the Philippines to actually read it.

Below is the movie of Kathryn Bigelow about the same topic. It will come out in December, in time for the awards season.

The book to read during the Olympics season

I love Chris Cleave’s previous book, Little Bee, which I was informed will be turned into a movie starring Nicole Kidman. He has a new book out, about cyclists. Which is apt because athletes are congregating right now in London for the summer Olympics.

The Economist has this to say:

“Novels about sport are notoriously hard to pull off. It seems somewhat odd for a literary mind to care how often a ball makes it to the back of the net or how long it takes to sprint down a track. Yet that need not be so. The classic quest narrative—in which an individual overcomes obstacles to achieve a goal—could be a template for any single match or sporting career. “Gold”, Chris Cleave’s third novel, is a skilful demonstration of the form.”