I had no idea that a vegetarian restaurant is situated near my place in Mandaluyong. It is called Agico Vegetarian Cafe, in Araullo Street San Juan.

Their menu selection is quite diverse, but most of their main course are vege meat, maybe to attract customers who are not really vegetarians.

I enjoyed the food.










What to eat?

I refrain from eating meat since the start of November. For the first week, I was adjusting because I’m a useless homo sapien in the kitchen. In short, I don’t cook.

I have to use a lifeline, ie. call my mother how to cook this and that. She was laughing hard because one time, I have to ask her how will to boil banana (saba). Ok, ok, don’t give me that eyeball roll.

Lately, I’ve been devouring lots of fruits and veggies. I don’t even crave meat. A good thing.

I expect to lose weight in a month or two just by changing this diet. To think that I even run on the sides.

Below are some of my dishes.






Ramen State of Mind


While running on a treadmill last Sunday in the gym, my brain is bombarded with food thoughts. Yes, 10K stationary run can make you think of something to eat, to think that it was around lunchtime when I finished. The good thing about SM Megamall is that they have a proactive Twitter account that serves as their concierge for followers. I tweet them if the mall has a good ramen house, because the weather then was just too gloomy and rainy. And a hot bowl of Japanese ramen is just perfect.

After just a minute, the SM Megamall twitter admin replied! See, they’re proactive. The mall recommended Kitchitora Tokyo, a new ramen house located in their Mega Atrium. After I got out of the gym, I headed straight to the joint to check it out. The place is full. So I decided to run some errands first then go back after 30 minutes. Good thing when I returned, a table has just been vacated.


I ordered chicken ramen. If you wish to add more toppings, you can do so by paying extra. I had boiled egg, veggies, and gyoza on the sides. Trust me, it is the best ramen I had tasted so far in Manila. The interiors of the restaurant has glass wall, making their kitchen transparent—the way they do it in typical Asian restaurant. I noticed that their kitchen has Japanese men preparing the food, so that makes it extra special.


The price is a little on the pricey side. But you pay for the ambiance and the authenticity of the food you are eating.

Turning Japanese

Last March 29 is my younger sister’s birthday. And yes, we celebrate each other’s birthday one week apart. This time, though, we dine out in Greenbelt 5. There’s a Japanese restaurant named Kai and we just wanted to eat light, since it’s a dinner. We don’t want to spend the whole night drinking tea just to digest all the food that we ate.

We had takwan mango sushi, ebi tempura, and mushroom and asparagus udon. Not heavy on the stomach, but definitely satisfies the palate. Will be back!

After wards, we went to Mary Grace in Greenbelt 3 to sip a cup of coffee and some food for the gods. Yummy. Sinful. Fattening. But then again, we only do this once in a while so indulge.



Weekend Indulgence

Weekend, that means Saturday and Sunday, is my indulgence days. Whatever my thoughts crave, yes it’s always food, I have to abide otherwise the I feel bad and agitated. Over the weekend, I have been craving the vegetarian panini of Rustan’s supermarket. I love this sandwich. I think I can live the whole week with panini as my breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Last week, one midnight, I suddenly think of Cibo’s tiramisu. I cannot help it, I went to their Shangri-la store the following day just to eat it. Oh well, these foods I just have to burn by constantly running. It’s not bad to give in to your craving some times. If it makes you happy, give in.

Yabu: House of Katsu

I hear the buzz so loud about this new katsu restaurant in the Atrium of SM Megamall from Twitter that I have to give in and give it a try. So I did over the weekend, only to confirm my pre-meditated suspicion about the crowd there and how hard it is to get a seat. True enough, you have to wait to be seated because they are always full especially during eating time (lunch, and dinner).

I decided to take out a chicken katsu, complete with two appetizers (potato salad, the best I’ve tasted!). I have to immediately rush home and eat it while its hot. Honestly, I was not a fan of katsu but this one’s really good. I have to go back and try their other katsu offerings like pork, seafoods and vegetables. The price is a little steep, though, but the serving is big so it’s worth it.

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