Sunday Habit: The Heritage Park connection


This Sunday, the trio (that’s Jayson, Marlan and me) decided to take the Mandaluyong-BGC-Bayani Road-Heritage Park-Bayani Road-BGC route, in our Sunday Habit routine.

As usual, our call time is 4.30am, and we walk for 30minutes going to BGC via Rockwell. From there, we started running until we reach Heritage Park in Taguig. Our total distance for this Sunday is 9.63KM or roughly 10KM after the two guys decided to do “alay lakad” on me. Boo.

Here are some of our captured moments.




Here’s our exact route, from Adidas miCoach app. Heritage Park run route


Sole NatGeo Run 2013 photo

Sole NatGeo Run 2013 photo

Why are run photographers always stationed at the finish line when all runners are already tired and weary, and has no time to smile for the camera? I don’t get it!

Captured by a photog from during the National Geographic Earth Day Run 2013 in Bonifacio Global City on April 28, 2013.

Energizer Night Run 2013 Manila


I am looking forward to this night race because I saw pictures of the same race in other cities, like Davao and Dagupan. And I was telling myself that when will a Manila leg be?

At last, the Energizer Night Run 2013 was held on May 04th, 7.30pm. It only has 2 race categories, 5K and 10K. I joined the 10K.

The run was lovely, and cool, because the headlights are awesome when captured in film. Although I complained about poor race assistance for runners especially the confusing route in 10K, leaving other 10K runners to short-distance their run.

Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile run.





My upcoming races

There will be two back-to-back runs that I will join at the end of this month. First is the National Geographic Earth Day Run in BGC on April 28, 2013.

I have been running this event for three years now, and I always love how they organize the race. I also love the singlet this year. I am joining half-marathon, 21K.


The other race I am joining is the Energizer Night Run on May 04, 2013. I have been reading about this race done in Davao and Dagupan before, but it is not being held in Manila. Until now.

I also love their singlet, very simple color in black and the required headlamp powered by Energizer to keep every runners guided during their night race. I am sure that this will be so much fun! We will all look like fireflies in the dark. The available race category is only 5K and 10K. I am joining the 10K.


Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013


After my first international half-marathon in Singapore last Dec 2011, I have been planning to join the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Around October 2012, the registration opened online. Without a thought, I registered for the 21K right away because I read from blogs that the slots are usually filled up by hours! True enough, when I check the site after a week of my registration, the 42K and 21K categories were all filled up and are closed. Wow.

This is my first time to be in Hong Kong. I know, shame. A month before the actual race, I was not yet prepared physically because I was too preoccupied with work, and I have no time to run either in the gym or early morning in a small park near my place.

But my spirit is very much willing, that I need to prepare and I have to find a way to condition myself for the race. I only started doing serious runs latter part of January, with barely a month preparation.

I heard that by February, Hong Kong weather is still cold. That makes me bothered because this is the first time that I will be running in a cold environment. Manila and the one in Singapore before are warm, and humid, so I don’t have that much adjustment. To think that the HK Marathon has a cut off of 3H:10M for 21KM category.

When I arrived in Hong Kong the day prior for the event, it is indeed cold. The temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, that is the lowest temperature in an air conditioning unit in Manila. For someone who came from the tropics like me, that IS cold. The bad part is, I did not bring at least a wind breaker with me. I bring a jacket, but that’s just a traveling jacket. My anti-cold jacket for the actual race, I don’t have.

So I have to check the forecast weather for the following day. Good thing, it will be 22 degrees Celsius. It is a manageable temperature to run. And the other good thing is, my scheduled start time is 9.10am so the sun is already out. Problem solved.

I make it a point that the place I am staying in Hong Kong should be walking distance from the starting line of the marathon. The starting line is in Nathan Road, Kowloon area. So during the marathon day, all I have to do is walk from my place to the starting line. Very convenient.


There are a total of 72,752 runners in various categories. Full marathon runners alone, there are 13,638 participants. For my category of half marathon (21K), there are 20,604 runners. In fact, we were group into three batches during the event so as not to clog the road. For 10K runners, there are 38,510. That’s a lot of runners!!!

What I like about the Chinese Hong Kong people is that they are very warm and enjoyable runners. They are noisy which makes the whole experience energetic and memorable. I remember the part where we have to pass through an underground tunnel (Western Harbour Tunnel), and everybody is shouting inside which makes the whole enclosed tunnel reverberates with a unison sound. I had unexplainable, goosebumps. Ang saya-saya!!!

For the last two kilometers, the audience along the side streets are all cheering for us runners which keeps you going until the finish line—even if you feel all the pain in the legs and thighs.


When I saw the word “FINISH LINE” meters away, it was mixture of emotions. But the overriding feeling is that of joy, happiness, and a little emotional which you want to cry. It must be the endorphins released during the run. But whatever it is, this Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013 is one memorable experience I will never forget.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011

The main purpose of my stay in Singapore first weekend of December 2011 is to join the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I joined 21.1K or Half-Marathon. Their gun time is actually a little late, if you compared it to Manila since we have the same time zone. The gun time is 6.30am, but their 6.30am there is still dark!

First half of the half-marathon route is in Sentosa Island, home of Resorts World Singapore and Universal Studios. Lots of trees and overlooking the beach. According to the official publication of the organizer, there are 19,700 runners for 21.1K alone. That’s a lot of runners! But because the run lane is only narrow, there were a lot of choking points which affects PR of some, especially runners who are located at the middle and end part of the starting lane.

One thing I complained about the race is the hydrating stations—it is located every 4KM. I was used to the races in Manila where there is hydrating stations every 1.5KM. But the narrow roads and hydrating stations were compensated by the fact that part of the running route is located inside Universal Studios Singapore. I was there the day before, so when I realized that we will be running again inside, I got excited. The characters went out of their way to cheer and greet us a good morning (and doing high fives!). There was Shrek standing in front of his castle. There is Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, the penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and lots more.

The weather in Singapore is hot, and because we started a little late, runners bear the brunt of the heat upon reaching the finish line. It also affected their run, especially in the highway leading to the business district where there is not much shelter. You tend to walk because you are exhausted.

I may not say that my first international run is relatively superior than the fun runs I joined in Manila. We have better, and organized race here. Partly, this might be because there are fewer runners here compared to theirs at 65,000. Overall, it was a good experience that I will treasure in my lifetime.

The medal is really nice. Well carved, and shiny.