Sleep alone

According to a new study, sleeping should not be shared. It has to be done alone, in solitary confinement.

“He said the modern tradition of the marital bed only began with the industrial revolution, when people moving to overcrowded towns and cities found themselves short of living space…Before the Victorian era it was not uncommon for married couples to sleep apart. In ancient Rome, the marital bed was a place for sexual congress but not for sleeping.”
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Teenagers have different body clock

Sleeping standing up

There is an old mystery why teenagers love waking up late, around close to lunchtime. Although the main culprit is because they stay up late the night before, researchers are trying to get a scientific explanation. And answer they get!

It was found out in a research that teenagers body clock is programmed two hours delayed. Which means that their cognitive performace is at its peak in the afternoon.

Can it be the same for young employees who are already working? I mean, will it be good if they start working in the afternoon until late in the night because they function fully on those times? The normal 8am-5pm work time will de defied. But then again, the study was conducted in a four-season country and ours is a warm country. Due to humid weather especially in the afternoon, it will only makes us lethargic, and not productive.

If you are into social networking sites, you are not anti-social.

I have heard those complaints–if you are into Friendster, Facebook or MySpace, chances are you are anti-social. Heck, I beg to disagree. Recent studies have conclude otherwise.

“Researchers discovered Facebook gave people more choice on how they conduct relationships and was “a way of storing biography and enhancing social memory”. The study showed many people used it to track people they liked or to find out what ex-partners were up to. Members log on to Facebook to look at profiles and pictures because more information can be gleaned from it than a phone call or letter, the study said.” The complete article from BBC News.

Balls may be our weapon of choice.

It is dreading to know that men is being sidelined as years go by. Women has been exerting their power, and dominance in things men has ruled for years. Women are working, while men are being domesticated (that is doing house chores, and sending kids to school). How to get even with the opposite sex?

The balls maybe considered. Scientists has discovered that it might be a good source for stem cells, which means, women might treat us as the hen that lay the golden eggs. Forgive the pun.

Who is to be blame?

In a recent study, premature ejaculation which is quite common among men, might be a result of a defect in the genes.

“A study of nearly 200 Dutch men found those who climaxed too soon during intercourse had a version of a gene that controls the hormone serotonin. Men with this version ejaculated twice as quickly as other men in the study.”  That serotonin again.

I wonder how scientists measure brain activity on those Dutch men who were part of the study. Do they have to have sex in a lab, complete with brain-reading (or CT scanners) machines so the scientists can take a closer look on the brain activity during the act?

Haven’t you noticed that scientists almost always “blame” genes to some of human’s frailties? And if genes are to be blamed, can we, heretofore, have the right to blame our parents whose genetic makeup was pass on to their offspring?

Music improves endurance.

I cannot go to the gym without bringing my mp3 player. Without it is like going out of the house without wearing your underwear. It is that important. That is why it has to be tucked in somewhere in my backpack. Always.

Now, what do I listen to when I hit the treadmill, and is running in a 10km/hr speed? Lots of Groove Armada, Daft Punk, and Fatboy Slim. Their music keeps me upbeat and alert. And I can stay focus and stretch my endurance more when I listen to an upbeat song (as opposed to hearing what the gym sound system plays).

In a recent study by Dr Costas Karageorghis, from Brunel University, listening to music can boost endurance by an average of 15%. The full report on the study here.

A breakthrough in cancer study.

“Like natural selection and germs, the discovery of cancer stem cells illustrates how the most fruitful scientific findings are often not those of individual experiments, however intriguing, but those that organise knowledge into theory. The chemical industry took off within a decade or so of Dmitri Mendeleev’s arrangement of the chemical elements into the periodic table, just as radio communications followed James Clerk Maxwell’s mathematical unification of electricity and magnetism, and antibiotics came after Pasteur and Koch.”

The complete new findings on cancer and its relation to stem cells.