More photos from Singapore break

Just some special photos taken from my other friends cameras. Enjoy.



Oasia Hotel Singapore

We were billeted in Osia Hotel Singapore when I was there last week. It is a new hotel, and it is evident from the towels and bathrobes, and the bed sheets. They are still crisp. 🙂


We arrive in Singapore around 2am, so we took a cab from the airport to the hotel. There’s no MRT already by that time. This is how the room looks like.




This is the view from the window.



This is the view from the pool, at the 8th floor.




Singapore Sojourn: Day 7

This is my last day in Singapore. My flight back to Manila is 9am. So I have to be in Changi Airport by 7am. Wake up early and drag my sleepy friend to hire a cab for the airport.

The good thing about this city-state is that there is not much traffic on the road. I don’t know if they have traffic monitoring board or agency, because I don’t think they need that.

Their drivers don’t swerve. They don’t even honk their horns, making their streets somewhat quiet. This could be the reason why there’s not much vehicular accidents! People are well disciplined on the streets, and everyone follows the traffic rules. You see, when I ask my friend who is based there what are the write ups on their daily newspapers. She said it’s boring. I grab a newspaper and see for myself what Singaporeans read on a daily basis. You know what? Damn, it’s so boring. I mean, no killings, no violence, no politicking, no accidents, no freak news, no onli-in-Singapore kind! Their news are mostly good news feed by their government, unlike in the Philippines where murder, kidnapping, deaths, robbery becomes the daily staple.

Their airport is one of their proudest landmark. And it really is something to be proud of. Classy, convenient, luxurious, sprawling all rolled into one.

My one week vacation has been very memorable in so many levels. I got to see my friend who is based there. I got to see different cultures. I got to experience so many sights and sounds, and enjoy every one of them. I savor different kinds of food and smells. I got amazed by their way of life, and every thing that Singapore has.

Until next time. See you in my next journey!

Singapore Sojourn: Day 6

Day 6 of my Singapore trip is reserved for shopping and pasalubong hunting. This is the day where we can spent the whole day ogling at this super green city state, because I have to leave the city early morning of the following day.

We headed to Orchard Road to buy some stuff. I am so tired and sleepy that my eyes will fall off! Blame it on the overnight trip from Malaysia the night before. I haven’t had sleep in the bus.

But anyway, I have to go shop for some souvenirs. The prices of clothes there are the same or more expensive compared to Manila prices. I bought shirts for my brother, and father, and sister.

Pens, makeup kit, perfumes for my officemates. After the tiresome shopping, we went for an early dinner at Delifrance in a mall in Yoshun area. We have to eat a little early because one of our friend will fly back to Manila ahead of me. Her flight will be at 12mn. She has to be ushered to Changi Airport.

I did not join our friends going to the airport because I have to meet another friend and former officemate who is now based in Singapore. We met at McDonald’s for a late dessert after dinner and some chitchat. We talk about the happening in my currenty employer and what is the company up to. We also talk about her career and how many of our acquaintances who used to be with my former employer but is now in Singapore. You know, talking to her is like making you realize a lot of things such as opportunity loss. But I am happy for her.

After our brief meeting, she has to leave because her boyfriend is pestering her to go online. I went back to my friend’s apartment to pack my bag in time for my early morning flight the following day to Manila.

It is sad to know that the one week break is about to be finished.

More stories and anecdotes on my last day in Singapore.

Singapore Sojourn: Day 5


We have to wake up early for our early morning sunrise view tour. The whole of Cameron Highlands is envelop in thick fog. And it is freezing cold!

Nonetheless, we woke up just in time for our tour guide to pick us up at the hotel lobby. The ride to the top of a mountain to get a good view of the sunrise is crazy. The road is narrow, afraid that the vehicle might fall off the ravine in case the driver miss a bit or something. The road is foggy, and the visibility is quite hazy.

When we arrive at the venue, there were already a few tourists from Thailand and Korea who also joins us in this tour. When we alight from the van, we were welcome with a cold splash of wind.




We were served with hot strawberry tea and strawberry muffins. Yummy breakfast. But notice our faces in the pictures above. Eyebags. Sleep deprived.

Around noontime, we had our lunch at a nearby KFC outlet. This is the only fastfood chain we ate here because most of the foods from other stalls nearby are spicy.

It’s time to bid Cameron Highlands goodbye. We will take a bus to Kuala Lumpur, en route to Singapore. This will be a four hour ride to KL. While waiting for our bus to leave, we drop by Starbucks to sip some coffee. This is also the time we heard that Manny Pacquiao downed Hatton in two rounds. Yey.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 6.30pm. But the sun is still shining bright, as if a typical 5pm in Manila. We headed straight to the bus station to buy another ticket to Singapore. After the purchase, we made some sightseeing in the city.

What better way to see KL than be in its famous landmark–The Petronas Tower.


There is a mall inside this tower, the KLCC. We had pizza and pasta for dinner, and some guffaws from staring at different mixed of people passing by. Mind you, there are not a lot of good looking people in KL. Even in Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur is like Manila. Many, many resemblance. Traffic. Crowded with people. The bus that will send us back to Singapore was late. Instead of 10pm departure, we left KL around 11.30pm. This is a six hour trip so basically, we have to sleep inside the bus to kill time. Besides, it is nighttime so sightseeing of the Malaysian province while travelling is not in our option.

We arrived in Singapore around 6am. The road to immigration is clogged with vehicles. It is rush hour because it is a Monday, and we are joining Malaysians who worked in Singapore. Not to mention students who go to school in the tiny state. The queue at the Immigration is long, add to that the extra precaution about the flu virus. We entered Singapore raining. Really hard. But mind you, I did not see any flooded area. They have excellend drainage system.

To be continued…Day 6.

Singapore Sojourn: Day 4

We went to Malaysia the night before. So practically, we are travelling on the very first hours of day 4 to Malaysia. There has been some kinks in the earlier part of the travel due to questions from the Immigration of both Singapore and Malaysia, but the travel went rather smoothly.

The bus has a good couch, which stretches to a business-class type where you can sleep. Rightly so, because we paid 90$ (Singapore) for that, so we expect nothing more than a good night sleep in the double-decker bus.

We arrive in Cameron Highlands at around 7 in the morning of Saturday, May 02. It is like Baguio because it is 5,000 feet above sea level. The temperature is cold, and drops to 11 degrees celsius in the morning. The primary trade of the place is green tea, which supplies the entire Malaysia. It also supplies the country with vegetables, and strawberries.

Cameron Highlands was flocked with local and international tourists during the time we were there. Mainly because it is the weekend, and it is a long holiday break in Malaysia. Finding a good hotel is hard to come by, good thing though, the travel agency where we book our travel has a connection with a local travel agency in Cameron. They assist us during our stay.

The cold, breezy, and greenery of Cameron Highlands.

cameron 1

cameron 2

cameron 3

cameron 4

cameron 6

cameron 7

cameron 8

When we got there, the first thing that comes our mind is where do we eat. We knew that Malaysian food is too spicy for our palate, and that eating chili and pepper foods for the next two days will be too much. Good thing there is a KFC nearby our hotel. That solves the problem.

During our first day in this breezy and chilly place, we went on an “Agro Tour” where we visited plantations of strawberries, cacti, vegetables, flowers, and cabbages. The end part of the trip is a sumptous dinner of vegetables. Pure vegetables. Very healthy.

Before we return to the hotel to sleep, we drop by the famous night market to savor the street foods of Malaysia. Really nice.

Singapore Sojourn: Day 3


This is Meg’s birthday, Labor Day. Holiday in Singapore. We woke up close to noontime because we slept around 2am already. Blame this to the excitement to post pictures to our Facebook accounts! Talking about priorities at the wee hours in the morning.

We had late breakfast in a nearby McDonald’s. Their McDo food choices are limited to just burgers. No rice, no chicken, no spaghetti just like what they have in the Philippines. And their condiments include pepper, and lots of chili sauce.

Our itinerary for the day includes going to a travel agency to buy tickets for Malaysia (where we will spent the weekend), buffet lunch treat of Meg, go to church. In that order. We went to a place in Singapore where we have to buy tickets going to Malaysia. It’s a little ugly, the place, because it’s crowded with Thai drunkards and litters scattered on the dilapidated building. The stench wafting in the air consists mainly of curry, and dried spoiled food. The travel agencies are just lining up that particular building, so you have many options to choose from. You can compare prices and packages without going through different places.

After much comparison, we decided to prefer buying a one-way ticket without accommodation. We thought, we will just inquire about lodging upon arrival in Malaysia. By the way, we will be going to Cameron Highlands, a 9-hour land trip from Singapore. It is Malaysia’s version of our Baguio here. The one ticket is not cheap at all. It costs us Singapore $90 (P2,880) each person.

We bought the tickets because we are running out of time and I am complaining of hunger anymore. We take a cab from there to get to Takashimaya Ngee Ann City Mall for our late lunch. It was around 2pm. Meg treat us at a Korean restaurant that offers buffet. I cannot describe the myriad of food that we savor. We had chicken, beef, fish, veggies, fruits, and desserts. I spotted a Filipino waiter in the restaurant because he blurted out something in Tagalog. Just look at the pictures below for you to see (and salivate).



I don’t remember how much hours (yes, hours) we spent in the restaurant. Damn, we have to maximize the bill because it’s costly, and in anticipation for our trip to Malaysia at nighttime. We will leave by 10pm on the same day so we have to eat a lot because we don’t know if the bus will make stopovers, and if when will these stopovers be.

Once the lunch is over, we went to Orchard Road which is just around the corner. We buy Malaysian ringgits in anticipation for our trip. Afterwhich, picture taking! So Pinoy of us!



Once done with the photo souvenirs of Orchard Road and the shops that scatters the area, we went to church for thanksgiving of Meg for her birthday. What I found strange is that even their Church is under the state rule because before the mass is about to begin, an announcement was made regarding the flu virus, which the Singaporeans are wary about. There was changes in the mass such as, there will be no offertory, no communion directly to the mouth (only through hands), no holding hands during the Our Father, and close contacts should be avoided. They really take the precautionary measure from their Ministry of Health seriously.

We had light dinner afterwards, and off we went back to Meg’s apartment to prepare our clothes, and pack things for the weekend trip to Malaysia.

Our departure should be 10pm but it was delayed by one hour and a half. We loiter on their bus lounge, which looks like a small pantry of an office in Makati, equipped with flat TV, aircon and comfy sofa.

We left, finally, at 11.30pm. The funny slash wild slash breathtaking ride that we encounter, to be told in Day 4 of my Singapore/Malaysia Sojourn.

Stay tuned.