Suicide Forest


Taro bought a one-way ticket to the forest, west of Tokyo, Japan. When he got there, he slashed his wrists, though the cut wasn’t enough to kill him quickly. He started to wander, he said. He collapsed after days and lay in the bushes, nearly dead from dehydration, starvation and frostbite. He would lose his toes on his right foot from the frostbite. But he didn’t lose his life, because a hiker stumbled upon his nearly dead body and raised the alarm.

In these difficult time, many Japanese are going to Aokigahara Forest (pictured above) to commit suicide. A new report from


Do you know what is happening?

The financial meltdown this week of investment banks in the US, and its sneezing effect all over the world has caught headlines from all dailies worldwide. But do you understand what is the problem, its root/cause? Its effect? Economists and bankers only talk to themselves. Can the ordinary people know what’s going on?

“Regulation is necessary, and much must now be done to improve the laws of finance. But it must be the right regulation: an end to America‚Äôs fragmented system of oversight; more transparency; capital requirements that lean against booms and flex with busts; supervision of giants, like AIG, that are too big and too interconnected to fail; accounting that values risks better and that everyone accepts; clearing houses and exchanges to make derivatives safer and less opaque…This is a black week. Those of us who have supported financial capitalism are open to the charge that the system we championed has merely enabled a few spivs to get rich. But it helped produce healthy economic growth and low inflation for a generation. It would take a very big recession indeed to wipe out those gains. Do not forget that in the debate ahead.” An analysis of the financial crisis in the US.