My Long Overdue India Trip

After I got back from my spiritual journey in India 6 weeks ago, I have not updated my blog to tell stories about my experience there.

My hands just got too tied up with work—catch up and all. I promise to post stories soon!

Like real soon.



You know what I did during the Holy Week?

I spent more than four days of isolation from the outside world from April 05 nighttime to April 09 afternoon. I was part of our company’s contingent for a silence/deep meditation course in Silang, Cavite.


Gaa Hostel




The venue is a little bit secluded, with lush greenery but albeit not maintained. Fallen leaves litter the streets going inside the vast compound. The cottage houses situated inside are not well maintained. It even look spooky during dark, as if you are reminded of those early Pinoy horror films where an old lady with grumpy forehead and disshiveled hair will suddenly appear from nowhere and looks you straight in the eye, mouth frothing with blood. Creepy.



Anyway, an Indian teacher came over to facilitate the course, with the help of a local teacher. And because this is about silence, expectedly, we were not allowed to talk for days. You cannot imagine living without talking, but surprisingly, we managed!


A lot of meditation and yoga everyday. I was expecting in day 2 or day 3 that I will levitate but to no avail. Or a halo will suddenly appear above my head. It was painful to my legs, and a lot of thoughts enter my mind during the meditation. It is so silent, and you know imagination runs wild when your mind is empty. There were moments when I am on the verge of laughing but have to tone it down, lest, I might be suspected for not taking the course seriously.


In moment of silence, one may be able to know one’s self better.

In moment of silence, one will appreciate life’s blessings.

In moment of silence, one will thank what he/she has.

In moment of silence, one can empower himself to effect positive vibes around him.


I wasn’t able to go on a vacation this Holy Week, but this experience is something I will not forget. I can also call this vacation, albeit a different one, from stressful work, from fast-paced life, from preoccupations, from monotonous undertakings.



Mind you, the place looks creepy but there was no single moment of spook. Maybe too much meditation helps.



Stress musings.

I am tired. No, exhausted. Physically exhausted. One of those times where you just want to be in your room, sleeping while Vienna Teng is singing audibly in the background mini speaker of your iPod. You want to run away from the four corners of the office square and doze off to lalala land.

I have a good night sleep last night. I even woke up good this morning. I don’t know what happen in between that I feel so tired right now. When you are thinking a lot of things all at the same time can be so stressful. You wanted to do multi-tasking because you just cannot afford for your work to pile up. The status of the recruitment, who are to be employed, who lack pre-employment requirements, who pass medical results? Those things.

Add to that the list of concerns and complaints from clients received for the day. Because I am in operations, it is second nature to feel the pressure. Customer concerns, operational lapses and miss outs, monitoring and control, and the like can be so daunting to think that it can bogged down someone’s focus.

I can just whine endlessly, but nothing will happen. I really just have to guard and be in control of the situation all the time. I will do that by doing regular exercise, and meditation. Yes, the meditation that calms the mind and gives you focus. It is my shield.