Suicide Forest


Taro bought a one-way ticket to the forest, west of Tokyo, Japan. When he got there, he slashed his wrists, though the cut wasn’t enough to kill him quickly. He started to wander, he said. He collapsed after days and lay in the bushes, nearly dead from dehydration, starvation and frostbite. He would lose his toes on his right foot from the frostbite. But he didn’t lose his life, because a hiker stumbled upon his nearly dead body and raised the alarm.

In these difficult time, many Japanese are going to Aokigahara Forest (pictured above) to commit suicide. A new report from


How to counteract suicidal tendencies?

I saw The Happening last night. I did not bring my high level expectation inside the cinema. I left it at the Snack Bar inorder for M. Night Shyamalan to give me another dose of shock and awe. The storyline sucks. The plot could have been great, it’s just that it was not audience-friendly.

The Happening is just an event—airborne toxin that seeps into a person’s brain and becomes suicidal. Nature has it’s own happening which science cannot explain. In the movie, it was initially blamed as a terrorist attack. Until it spreads, even in the rural areas which leads scientists to believe that it could be the plants which emits poisonous toxins.

It is the plants way of saying to us that if we do not take care of the environment, they will take it to their hands. Is it happening now? There are real events that, indeed, it is.

1. The toxin makes human suicidal. Aren’t suicide rates higher than ever? The latest stabbing incident in Japan is an example. Blame the plants.

2. The first symptom of the infection is speech slur. Language is getting extinct. As the world embraces globalization of language, dialects and languages the world over are obliterated. Suicidal.

3. Humans killing themselves by guns. Falling off buildings. Bumping cars on a tree. Hanging through the neck. Wrist slashing. It’s happening in the real world.

Science theorizes that suicide is caused by mental illness. But nobody claims plants to be the main culprit. Aha, humans has become so engorssed with eating meat for the longest time. We have been wiping out cows, pigs, chickens, fish for their meats but sidelining plants.

Let’s all go vegan so that plants have no time to produce suicidal toxins. That’s my suicidal suggestion to a suicidal movie with suicidal storyline.


The Happening

M. Night Shyamalan has been scaring us. Think The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village. Now, add The Happening. It stars Mark Wahlberg, about a family on the run to escape a natural calamity that threatens the entire humanity.

I have been reading from blogs that the story is about a certain plant that emits a poisonous smell that makes the human who smells it suicidal. If you happen to see the trailer, there were people jumping off buildings. This is Shyamalan’s way of telling us the chilling effect of global warming–plant mutation which proves catastrophic to humans.

The movie will be shown on June 13th. A Friday the 13th. Rated R in the US. Creepy.

The Happening