What to eat?

I refrain from eating meat since the start of November. For the first week, I was adjusting because I’m a useless homo sapien in the kitchen. In short, I don’t cook.

I have to use a lifeline, ie. call my mother how to cook this and that. She was laughing hard because one time, I have to ask her how will to boil banana (saba). Ok, ok, don’t give me that eyeball roll.

Lately, I’ve been devouring lots of fruits and veggies. I don’t even crave meat. A good thing.

I expect to lose weight in a month or two just by changing this diet. To think that I even run on the sides.

Below are some of my dishes.






You are what you eat

The company I work with has embraced healthy living for the last six months—enrolled almost all employees in a breathing course that improves cellular oxidation, some basic yoga, non-smoking policy, and vegetarian diet (preferred).

This is actually not something they required out of the blue. Studies and health literatures are backing this up. Cognitive nutrition, on The Economist.