Best Books of 2012

Amazon has already listed their best books for 2012, as compiled by their editors. From the looks of it, I think that I have read only one from the Top 10, Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.” Which means, I need to catch up.

Anyway, I have been checking local bookstores in Manila if they have copies of these books but it seems that it has not arrived yet in our shores. Too bad. I might need to make a special order then. Or ask a friend to buy one for me abroad especially those coming home for the holidays.

These are the books I need to acquire:



My kind of James Bond.

This is what I was espousing before—that you tap a credible director, and a good cinematographer and screenwriter and James Bond will be as good as it gets. That formula has succeeded in its 50th year offering “Skyfall.”

Directed by no less Sam Mendes, Skyfall tells us that 007 don’t need gadgetry and flashy cars to entertain audience the world over. We have enough of that in previous films. It may not have gadgets that we used to see, but still, take note of the excellent cinematography. Remember the fight scene in a skyscraper in Shanghai? That silhouette fight scene amidst the neon lights is probably the best I have seen in years. Not to mention those Komodo dragons in a casino in Macau.

The arch-nemesis is also different—smart, gayish, and dons a blonde hair and eyebrows. I wonder if you also notice the Oedipal complex between M and James Bond.


Adele should be nominated for Best Song for the song “Skyfall.”

Better as the director.

When I watched Argo few weeks ago, I know right away that the award-worthy films are starting to be release in time for the awards season in the US. I have been hearing positive reviews about the Ben Affleck movie from various film festivals, and when it had its commercial release in Manila, I did not hesitate to watch it on the first day itself.

True enough, the movie is one hell of a suspense ride. Very engaging until the end. The airport scene is probably the most unforgettable; you can feel their fear and elation after the captain has announced that they can order alcohol after they left Iranian airspace.

Argo, starring and directed by Ben Affleck, is a strong contender for this years Oscar Best Picture.