Attack of the killer virus

A day after my birthday, I had been feeling unwell. My left nasal passage is somewhat clog. Uh-oh, I know that I will acquire clog nose in a few days. The symptom is already there.

I gulp lots of citrus juices, and fruits to combat the incoming viral attack. After two days, my voice has become hoarse. Both my nasal passage is already clogged. Therefore, I have become their victim.

I hate this feeling that you cannot breathe comfortably due to clog nose. and the fact that you just want to close your eyes and sleep. This usually happens in the afternoon, when all your work deadlines are clamping in your ears. But how can you concentrate when all you think of is your bed, and how you anticipate 5pm so you can go home and doze off.

I cannot even go to the gym because I just don’t feel like stretching and sweating when I feel like this.

Virus, virus, go away. Come again, another day.

Birthday Treat @ the Office

Pancit at Cake

My birthday will be tomorrow, March 22nd. Never mind my age, because everytime someone asks me how old I am, my template reply will be “it doesn’t matter because age is just a state of mind.”

The department I am heading, Customer Action Group, gave me a touching treat today: cake and pancit (see picture above). I heard that they contribute some of their money to make this surprise possible.

So thank you dearly to all of you! You all know who you are.

Suicide Forest


Taro bought a one-way ticket to the forest, west of Tokyo, Japan. When he got there, he slashed his wrists, though the cut wasn’t enough to kill him quickly. He started to wander, he said. He collapsed after days and lay in the bushes, nearly dead from dehydration, starvation and frostbite. He would lose his toes on his right foot from the frostbite. But he didn’t lose his life, because a hiker stumbled upon his nearly dead body and raised the alarm.

In these difficult time, many Japanese are going to Aokigahara Forest (pictured above) to commit suicide. A new report from

La Paz Batchoy on my mind


I have been craving La Paz batchoy for some time. And because I cannot just go to Iloilo to savor the authentic one, I have to brave traffic and public bus just to be in SM Mall of Asia. There is a Ted’s La Paz Batchoy outlet there, near the SM Hypermarket just across Mc Donald’s.

I went there one lazy Sunday noon. I ordered extra super, with puto and a diet soda. The smell of a newly served batchoy brings back memories of Iloilo, where I spent most of my college days. The chicharon toppings are crunchy, liver and innards are yummy, the way the ingredients are supposed to be. And the broth, oh please, I want extra bowl of it. After a full serving, I was so full I have to rest for a while before I leave the establishment.

I will be back there when the craving sets in again. I hope it will be sooner, rather than, later.

The Return Of The King


In relation to the video of the week preceeding this blog entry, Michael Jackson has announced a last time concert in UK. The BBC News reports:

Hundreds of fans queued at the venue as tickets went on sale to the public and over a quarter of a million people queued online.  More than a million tickets to see the veteran pop star have now been sold.  Some 360,000 tickets were sold to registered fans before sales opened on Friday morning.  Organisers say the This Is It tour has become the fastest-selling in history, with 33 seats sold each minute.