Harry meets Ginny.


The new Harry Potter movie is dark in ton, and I love it. I think that this is the best movie in the series, followed closely by the third movie.

But what makes the dark tone lighten is the love angle between Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione. They are now buffed (esp Ron), and the final installment in the franchise is being wrapped up because the kids are already old.

In fact, Hermione is going to college already. I mean, in real life.

Can’t get enough vampires!

The Strain

I thought that today is the first showing of Harry Potter. I hurriedly went home early, take a bath, and went straight to the cinema. But alas, no Harry Potter! Damn, it will be shown July 16. Tomorrow.

To compensate for my frustration, I drop by a bookstore to check what good books to read. I had just finish reading Let The Right One In, a vampire novel. And I heard about this Strain Trilogy, because this is a NY Times bestseller already, and is also about vampires. This was published in the US a month ago, and the hardbound edition is now available. The price is still steep, but what the heck. I will pay dearly for a good story.

So, after a vampire novel is another vampire saga.

Don’t you just wish vampires roam the world and their only target are assholes politicians? Decimate the world of bad apples. Meanwhile, I will transport myself to a gory New York, the setting.