I’m watching you.

It gives you the creep when you received a call from an unknown number and would tell you “you have been activated.” And the unknown caller would give you instructions as if she is physically there, watching your every move.

The movie is fast-paced. You seemed like running the way Shia and Michelle run for their lives. The story is not flat out corny; it even gives a glimpse of the downside of a thinking super computer. In the event that the elected officials of the land are being considered weak/lame/evil/unpopular, can the super computer rise to the occassion and create a new government? If there is a super computer existed in real life, did that cowboy in the White House long been obliterated?

Very Big Brother. Very George Orwell.

Singapore F1 Night Race

The roads are ready. The lights will be turned bright as daylight tomorrow evening. Spectators are ready with their ear plugs. Tourists and fanatics drove to the tiny state since last week. And Singapore is doing all it can to control the weather tomorrow night for the first ever night race in F1 history.

Awesome pictures of the momentouse event here.

Blue beats Green, and the rivalry in betwen.

The Blue Eagles won the series 2-0 in a jampacked crowd at the Araneta Coliseum. Ours is a country of basketball fanatics, and every time UAAP season starts, only basketball games is highlighted (although history tells that the overall UAAP championships are always awarded to either UP, or UST), especially if it is La Salle and Ateneo on championships.

The rivalry is not confined to the venue itself. It is more than that. It is more of who is the better school.

But going back to the UAAP Finals, there has been reports of overpriced tickets being auctioned online. Blame scalpers, so they say. The Inquirer’s editorial makes a good analysis.

The Great 500 Movies Of All Time

We go the movies to escape the sad realities around. We go the movies to laugh. We go the movies to cry. We go the movies to listen to stories. We go to the movies to learn.

Empire Magazine compiled 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time through a poll of 10,000 participants including directors, Hollywood insiders, and cineastes. The Godfather tops the list. I like the movie, but I enjoy the book more.