Pig Out Weekends.

I finally got to taste Papa John’s pizza when it opened recently in SM Megamall. It’s not their first store here in the Philippines, because they already have branches in Galleria, SM Fairview, and Mall of Asia. So I drag some friends to go there and eat. Their pizza are American-style (naturally, this is a chain from the US), not too-tomato-ey like the way Italians do it. But this is my first time to eat it with a salted bell pepper. And I like it. Yummy combination. If you have the time, drop by SM Megamall or any of their stores within Metro Manila.

And also, their prices are reasonable relative to other commercial pizza chains around.


One of our friend celebrated her birthday, and invited us for coffee and tea in Starbucks (Glorietta 5). After some catching up on stories and laugh trip, we decided to dine out (instead of watching Horrible Bosses) in Dusit Thani, not the hotel but the Thai restaurant in Glorietta. I have been to another good Thai restaurant (Som’s and People Palace) so I have to keep my reservations low. Their prices are reasonable, and the servings enough. We ordered beef green curry, kangkong in garlic sauce, shrimp and spring rolls. Spicy good.


Comedy Week

When work proves stressful at times, my only consolation is unwind. What better way to go unwind than watching a comedy film. There has been strings of funny movies lately, making me laugh out loud or forget about work for a while.

First, there’s a Pinoy cult horror-comedy Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington. Initially, my only reason for watching this movie is Eugene Domingo. She is the only reason why I watch Pinoy films. But damn, the whole movie is good, campy comedy. I won’t review the whole movie for you, because most blogs have already reviewed it.

Second, another Eugene Domingo starrer “Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi” by Star Cinema. The story sucks, but Eugene is there, so laugh out loud moment for me. On the side note, this movie was pitted against Zombadings on the last minute, Star Cinema’s way of saying we-will-screw-you to the small indie producers. Bad, cheap, distasteful act.

Third, there’s Johnny English. Who will not laugh at Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean)? I mean, seriously. The sequel is just as hilarious, I must say. Many LOL-moments, like that old Chinese lady, and the “Don’t Give Up On Us” scene. Well, you have to watch it!

There, when life stresses you out, there are a thousand and one reasons to counteract it. Watch a movie in a nearby cinema with your friends.

New TV shows that I need to see.

Forget local TV shows. They insult my intelligence. For excellent production value, I prefer watching US TV shows because they are like movies, and the CGI effects makes it very convincing and real.

Aside from the upcoming seasons of my Glee, Dexter, The Good Wife, and The Walking Dead, there are new TV shows that will premiere this fall in the US.Terra Nova is one of them–a mix of time travel, dinosaurs, and cutthroat natural selection.

TV.com compiled 10 of these in an article. See here. Full trailer of Terra Nova below.

UP Commemorative Swatch

I drop by the Swatch store in SM Megamall over the weekend to check their latest model of watches. Upon leaving the store, I volunteer to ask the staff if they have the Swatch designs for schools which they release in batches before. It was just an out of the blue question. The staff ask me what school? I said UP (University of the Philippines). He said “we still have 1 stock.”

Fast rewind to six months ago when I inquired from the same store if they have that same Swatch for UP and the staff then said that its out of stock. So, I kill my expectation that I will own a UP Swatch watch.

Until that moment came over the weekend. I just have to buy that one last stock, otherwise, somebody else’s will. It’s a special commemorative watch for the 100 years of UP. Which makes me nostalgic because there is a lyrics of UP Naming Mahal at the back of the watch box.

If only I can engrave my student number in the watch, I would gladly do. I don’t know if they do it. Mean while, I am happy.