Countdown to Condura Skyway Run

It is just around the corner. The Skyway Condura Run in 6days! Im joining 21K. This is the race route.


I never got sleepy watching it; so it must have been engaging.

I saw The Green Hornet last night, and I like it. Full of humor to keep me company the whole time. The tandem could have worked. But after the end credits, while I am on my way out of the cinema, I saw Jennylyn Mercado. She was also in the same cinema watching the same movie. She was with a guy and another girl. When I got near, it was found out that the guy was her current boyfriend, Dennis Trillo. But I was never starstruck. Maybe if I see Maja Salvador or Karylle.

Love and other drugs. Or I am old.

On the start of Love And Other Drugs, Spin Doctors “Two Princes” played heavily, reverberating the excellent cinema sound system of The Shang Cineplex. I can’t help but become nostalgic. The setting is the good old 90s, and it was obvious from the song choice. From there, I like the movie.

Until the different state of undress, and sex scenes of lead stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Could it be their second try after their doomed pairing in Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” where Jake preferred Heath over Anne?

Jake has gone a long way from Bubble Boy and Donnie Darko. Anne has gone a long way from The Princess Diaries. Maybe the teen stars of my generation is getting older—what with the adult roles, and nudity. Maybe, I’m old.

The story has become dragging mid-part, but is forgiven. The soundtrack alone makes this movie cute for me. Er, or was it Anne’s cute breasts?


While watching the movie, a seatmate told his companion “puro yata sex eto?”. [I smiled.]


After I finish reading Justin Cronin’s “The Passage”, Laura Hillenbrand’s notable book “Unbroken” will be first on my list. The book is still in the top of’s bestseller list; so this must be good. The plot line looks okay, so just wait for a while.

Meanwhile, I am still engross and lost in the wild forest of Bolivia.

Asics Gel Nimbus 12

It was third quarter of last year that I realized I need to buy a new pair of running shoes. My current New Balance shoes was used for close to a year! I think it needs a partner.

I research for the best running shoes around—Nike, New Balance, Newton, Brooks, Asics. I decided to scratch Nike in the list of options because well, it’s too common. Most runners in the runs I join wear Nikes, in different colors. I also scratch New Balance even if I have a discount coupon for joining Unilab Run 2 last Nov 2010. My current shoes is already NB, so no two same brand for now.

Newton shoes are too loud for me, their shoes are in colorful designs and colorful running shoes are not my type. Brooks shoes I don’t like the style–generic looking, although, I heard that they are one of the best (not to mention, expensive).

So, I was left with Asics. It was really meant to be it because I love their sneaker line, Onitsuka Tiger. I have two pairs of it, in white and gray. Around Oct 2010, I went to Asics store in Greenbelt 3 and check out the different styles. But I did not stay long because I just felt sad seeing those nice running shoes and I am not buying. But I promise myself to return to that store soon because I really wanted an Asics shoes.

Fast forward to Dec 2010. I went to Greenbelt 3 to register for the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011. Their registration booth, incidentally, is in front of the Asics store! Little did I know later on that Asics is a co-sponsor of this running event and that every registrant is given 15% off discount coupon. Sweet.

I thought maybe this is the sign? So after I officially register for the Condura Run, I went inside the Asics store, have my feet analyze (normal pronation) and presto! I was presented with the shoe type suited for my feet.

I choose their top of the line, Asics Gel Nimbus 12 (2010). Lime color. The funny thing was, when I first try using it on my regular run (in Antique during Christmas break), I was caught up in a heavy downpour while in the middle of doing an afternoon 10K. Literally, “bininyagan yung sapataos.”

Since then, I am using it on my runs (both indoor/outdoor) and it’s nice on my feet. I can really feel the gel while I run, like your stepping in a gummy bear. That kind of comfort. I heard from online literature that runners who switch to a gel shoes confessed that their shin splints was gone. I have to agree.

It was a worthwhile purchase. Glad I choose Asics.