Boardwalk Empire

While True Blood is in recess, Boardwalk Empire might be another HBO show I will look forward to engaging nightly. For two reasons: Steve Buscemi and Martin Scorsese.


Adidas King Of The Road 2010

Last night, I decided to register for the 2010 Adidas King Of The Road. This will be my first time to join a 10K run (outdoor). I have been joining 5K category since I started running during my birthday last March 2010.

The registration fee is steep at P850. This is the most expensive run I join. But the singlet is nice, in black and white.

I registered in Adidas store in Shangrila Plaza Mall because that’s the nearest registration center from my home and work. But when I came over to the store at around 8pm, the staff said that I have to wait for a little while because the BIB and other race kits are not yet around. They are on its way from Robinson’s Galleria.

After just 24hours, the registrants are enrolling in droves; and singlets are running out fast. In fact, the smallest singlet available for male is L.

I have been running 10K (indoor) in treadmill at my resident gym in SM Megamall for the last one month already. My personal record is around 1H:10M. Not bad for a first time. But outdoor running is different from indoor because there are a lot of external factors like heat, other runners, race track, etc. which affects your time.

But I am excited for this run. Aside from the free breakfast, it seems that this is a well-coordinated running event. The only thing I need to do for now is practice, practice, and more practice.

Or maybe a new pair of running shoes. 🙂

Is my favorite doctor in love?

House: This isn’t gonna work.
Dr. Cuddy: That’s it? You can’t just say that and shut up.
House: It’s just a statement of fact. It’s not a debatable proposition.
Dr. Cuddy: Right. Because you can see the future.
House: No, but I can see the past. And you’re gonna remember all the horrible things I’ve done, and you’re going to try and convince yourself that I’ve changed. And I’m gonna start doing those horrible things again, because I haven’t changed. Then you’ll realize that… I’m an insane choice for someone who has a kid. And from there, it’s a short step to the inevitable conclusion that all of this… was a mistake.