Attack of the killer virus

A day after my birthday, I had been feeling unwell. My left nasal passage is somewhat clog. Uh-oh, I know that I will acquire clog nose in a few days. The symptom is already there.

I gulp lots of citrus juices, and fruits to combat the incoming viral attack. After two days, my voice has become hoarse. Both my nasal passage is already clogged. Therefore, I have become their victim.

I hate this feeling that you cannot breathe comfortably due to clog nose. and the fact that you just want to close your eyes and sleep. This usually happens in the afternoon, when all your work deadlines are clamping in your ears. But how can you concentrate when all you think of is your bed, and how you anticipate 5pm so you can go home and doze off.

I cannot even go to the gym because I just don’t feel like stretching and sweating when I feel like this.

Virus, virus, go away. Come again, another day.



My cough is not going anytime soon. Blame my hard-headed stance not to visit the doctor. I am the type of person who hates hospital, and as much as possible, avoid it. So I take extra precaution not to get sick.

But this viral thing happening in our office, everybody is coughing, gets into me. It is been three weeks now, and I am still coughing. My voice is still hoarse. I still spew phlegm from time to time. And I feel cold on some nights.

Im sick, but not consulting a specialist is more sick.